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Adoption can seem like a daunting option, but there is plenty of time to consider whether it is the right parenting option for you. We can help you consider the facts surrounding adoption and, if you so choose, find you the support that you need to carry out an adoption decision.

LMO Pregnancy Care Center is not an adoption agency. We provide adoption referrals upon request.

"I am just not sure..."


I could never give away my baby; I love my baby too much.

Making an adoption plan is not giving your baby away. Adoption is a decision that allows you to consider a future for your child that you could not offer. Women who choose adoption love their babies very much.

I could never choose adoption because my friends and family would judge me.

You're right, others may not understand. A decision like this is a difficult one. Making responsible decisions for your child's future won't always be easy, but there is support available to you on your journey.

My baby will think I didn't love them. 

Your child will know that you love them very much. Adoptive parents want their children to be proud of who they are and where they came from. This is their story.

Information taken from Covenant Care Services, "Is Adoption For Me?"

Learn what it's like to be a birthparent.

Contact us below if you want to know more about adoption or discuss your options.

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